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07:24pm 08/09/2004
mood: accomplished
98 was awesome! I turned 18 then and drank legally, drove legally (in my home country) etc. 98 kicked all your asses.
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1998 sux 
03:15pm 16/08/2004
mood: depressed
Still more proof that 1998 was for the f***ing birds! This comes straight from the comic strip Ripley's Believe it or Not---In 1998 more restaurant workers were killed on duty that emergency workers. I kid you not!
why I hate 1998 (the shortER version) 
02:57pm 13/08/2004
mood: angry
OK, back in February 1998 I was turning 12 and as usual I was having a party (yeah I know this sounds innocent enough but it gets better, believe me). This one was a movie/ pizza party for me and a few friends. (or I should say, "friends") Ok, so in the movie theater (btw I'll try to use the f-word as little as possible, but I know i'm gonna get pretty pissed off while telling this story so bear with me) and my 2 "best friends" start throwing popcorn at some kid and it was getting annoying so I told them to stop it and then they go running away and hiding and running around the theater and I don't know where the hell they are and I'm getting worried and finally a little while later they come crawling up by my seat and I was like all, "where the hell were you guys?!!" and then Friend #1 (the ringleader) goes and tells my mom I yelled at them, and of course my mom being the naive idiot she is sometimes with her whole, 'don't blame the guest' attitude, told ME not to yell at them! How f***ing naive can you GET???? (see there I go!) Then Friend #1 got pissed off again because her party favor bag didn't have some junk plastic bracelet in it. She went in the rest room and wouldn't come out for a few minutes. This isn't the first party she acted like an asshole at and ruined, either, mind you. That's another story though.

On the way home Friend #1 was all acting like nothing happened (Friend #2 said she does this a lot) and wanted me to write her a letter in the mail so I did. Here's where I goofed on my part-- I wrote "don't show this to (Friend #2's name)" on the envelope. That was really dumb on my part, knowing how Friend #1 is such a troublemaker, even though the letter didn't say a word about Friend #2. Even dumber on my part was my decision to be a f***ing cheapskate and save a stamp and give her the letter in school. BIG MISTAKE #2!!! Friend #1 showed it to Friend #2 and got her all pissed off at me (I forgot to mention friend #1 and Friend #2 are "infinity BFFs with a "no-secrets" clause made up by control freak Friend #1, of course!). It didn't end there. Of course Friend #1 couldn't keep it between US, she had to go turning my whole small 6th grade Catholic School class against me. Eventually she even turned Friend #3 against me, leaving me friendless. The harassment kept on for like the next 2 months. Even the teacher was against me! She was a f***ing psycho, though, too. That whole school is full of them.

April 2nd, 1998-- the shit hit the fan with the force of a cannonball. I just couldn't take the harassment anymore when Friend #1 started saying shit about me I went over to her and told her to cut it already. I told some mother who was watching the class temporarily (so where the f*** the psycho teacher was I'll never know) and she wouldn't let me leave the classroom so I went back to my seat and Friend #1 came up to me and said "i'm not talkin' about you!". and I heard her and I know she was! I'm not f***ing stupid OR deaf! so I told her "just get out of my face already!" and I waved my hand and accidentally hit her in the face. not that I cared. But THEN the psycho teacher came back in the room and sent me to the principal's office (why couldn't that wish have been granted 5 minutes earlier??) and called MY parents and they came FROM WORK and said that if they had to leave work so should Friend #1's mother. so she came too. my mom wanted the fat smelly psycho Lesbian (nothing against lesbians, really, i'm not homophobic, but this one was a bunch of other stuff on top of it) to close the office door but the nut case said "no! i don't trust you!" and called the cops, or a cop. it was Officer Corrupt. (Not his real name but it SHOULD be!) and they had a big argument in the office for like and hour and I sat in an empty classroom next door. Then Fatso told me I was suspended for 3 days. ME!!! and Friend #1 sat there with a big ice pack on her face crying crocodile tears. I barely even touched her!

The next day I said 'F*** this!' and made the decision to leave and go to the public school. It was good to be away from the assholes but the bullying and bullshit comtinued on for months after that as a result of overspill from the "snake pit" as I now call that school.

to add injury to insult, my grandma died during this whole ordeal! I'm not sure if she even knew about it, probably not.

OK i better stop here. boy, kids can be bastards!
03:26pm 12/08/2004
mood: accomplished
OK, my anti-1998 community is all ready! Come on in and bitch, all you fellow 1998-haters!
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